Forty One Thirty – Custom ClapperBoards

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Forty One Thirty – Custom ClapperBoards

Steven Aitchison is the founder of Forty One Thirty, a Camera Assistant and maker of Clapperboards and other camera assistant accessories.Back in the early 2000’s Steven used to help out at a local sign makers where he gained knowledge and experience working with laser cutters and engraving machines. Always having a passion from a young age of wanting to know how things worked and coming from a family of engineers, Steven liked to test out ideas and experiment with the machines and what they could do.Roll on a couple of years and when he started out in the TV industry as a camera trainee he noticed that the clapperboards looked like they were made using similar techniques to what he’d learned at the sign makers. One day he asked if he could try and make something similar with the machines at the workshop. Not having anything but a blank piece of acrylic and some spare wood he made his first clapperboard and from there the seed had been planted.Steven wanted to get the basic clapperboards he had seen on set and improve them. He wanted to help other people with their ideas and designs and create a final product that was better than what was already out there. Maybe you had a really experimental layout, something you thought may not be possible, or you just wanted to change something as simple as the font from Times New Roman to something a bit cleaner and pleasing to the eye. No matter what the challenge was, Steven wanted to see if it could be done. Sometimes you’ve got to break the rules to learn how you can push ideas to the next level. If you’ve got an idea for a custom clapperboard or want to try an idea which hasn’t been done before then get in touch!

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