Felicia Smith Shares The Benefits of Filmsticks

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Brand Ambassador, Felecia Smith, recently received her shipment of Filmsticks clapper sticks & acrylic boards, and put together the following video talking about an iconic, and worldwide recognised product, the Clapperboard!

Felicia goes on to talk about some of the features of a clapperboard, and also manages to put her own twist on why having a waterproof clapperboard is a big benefit when on set! 

Felicia is a Melbourne based Director of Photography and Photographer working on both narrative and TVC work.

After completing her studies at Swinburne, Felicia became a camera assistant and very quickly gained experience on TV drama, features and TVCs. Five wonderful years later and after racking up credits on projects such as Romper Stomper and Offspring she decided to move ahead and pursue her career as a freelance Cinematographer. As a result Felicia has had the opportunity to create beautiful short films, music videos and work with clients such as Bupa, Rest Super and PWC.

Follow Felicia and check out her amazing work on the social media channels and website below.

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